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Below are some of our previous customers' comments. You can read them, or you can just read some of our great reviews at

Sometimes you forget how good food can be! The perfect combination of spices, good wine and fine music. Keep up the good work. We'll recommend this place to everyone! Imagine, a good restaurant in Granada!
Rafael y Flor
Pass the word! This place is THE place to eat, have a margarita, listen to live music and listen to Kevin's wild tales. The ambiance is wonderful and the atmosphere charming. Tell you friends. Don't miss this restaurant! Kevin, I loved it. Gracias!!
Hola Kevin,
I had a great meal. This was the best place to celebrate my day!! Thanks for the best food in weeks! and the nice chat!
If your place was in my town, I would spend every weekend there.
Hey Kevin,
Just what Granada needed!
A chance for musicians to play and to be heard. A place to enjoy a good bottle of wine and a chef who cares, and can cook!
All the best from Jim and Phil
The atmosphere, the food and the people here are all extremely good for the soul. I'm very thankful we ended up here. The mango bread is most likely the greatest thing I have ever tasted. Best of luck with the 12 mango trees and everything else.
Loved the peanut sauce. Loved the lamb. Loved the atmosphere and especially the live music! Best restaurant in all of Granada! Thank you for the experience. It was truly a blessing.
Muchas gracias y buena suerte.
Dear Kevin, Laura, and Mohamar,
What an experience!! In flavors, in atmosphere, in textures... it was the meal I had been waiting for in my two weeks of travel in Central America - the squash with honey strawberry cinnamon... mmm... the grilled vegetables... the mango bread chocolate delight... a memorable moment lives on!
"... and in the end
the love you take
is equal to the love
you make."
Amazing food-with real love, with mucho appreciation, que la vaya bien.
As "New York food snobs," we thoroughly enjoyed our meal! The garlic rosemary chicken was ever so tender and my husband licked the rack of lamb to the bone. Great atmosphere and great food.
A+ on the mango bread too!
Sheetal & Raj
Scrumptious! You sold us when you began speaking of your cooking as we perused the menu. We could tell you were passionate about your restaurant and its food - the sure signs of a delicious meal. We had a lovely evening and a great dinner. Thank you. The building is beautiful - the floors, the ceiling, the wood-carved windows - a perfect romantic spot. We wish you the best.
Tara & Daniel